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Lips painted dark red
Impenetrable eyeliner
Makeup conceals the pain

I'm convinced that to be a good makeup artist you need to love people, be able to listen to them, have a positive attitude, take into account not only the external features of a person, but also her inner world - to create such a makeup in which the client will be psychologically comfortable.
These are the principles that guide my work. Each makeup for me is a special creation, with which I give life to a unique image, harmonious and attractive.

bright matte palette, pastels lilac, pretty in pink palette
Inspired by butterfly emoji
Red dragon palette
Ocean blues palette
Natural nudes palette

Here are just a few examples of my work provided in attempt to illustrate my views on makeup technique and you can find more on instagram and pinterest.

chajleen photo

ChajLeen 💄 Makeup artist

I firmly believe that the concept of "appearance flaw" does not exist. At least for me as a makeup artist.
There are features that are interesting to focus on. There are features from which it is interesting to divert attention at the expense of other features. There are benefits.
That is why the right faces are the most boring, so to speak. Fortunately, nature almost does not make them 😉
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